Courting Trouble -- Madcap Award Winner

RWA's Heart and Scroll Chapter chose COURTING TROUBLE as the Winner of the 2005 Madcap Award for the best Historical Romantic Comedy.

The Ideal Bride -- Double RITA Award Finalist

Romance Writers of America selected THE IDEAL BRIDE as a Finalist for two 2004 RITA AWARDS: 'Best First Book' and 'Best Regency Romance.'

The Ideal Bride -- Double RRA-L Award Winner

THE IDEAL BRIDE won two Romance Readers Anonymous List (RRA-L) 2003 Romance Awards: 'Best Regency Romance (Traditional)' and Nonnie St. George was named the 'Best Debut Author of 2003.''

The Ideal Bride -- Romantic Times: Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars

"Nonnie St. George has spun a delightfully tantalizing tale about a handsome hero beset by his own silly standards and a wise-beyond-her-years heroine whose sweet good-heartedness is finely detailed and authentic." (Teresa Roebuck)

Courting Trouble -- Romantic Times: Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars

"COURTING TROUBLE is a captivating, well-written romance, showcasing the talent of relative newcomer Nonnie St. George. Her heroine's light sarcasm and instant infatuation with St. Fell are just a few of the wonderful characteristics of this book. St. Fell is a dynamic hero who has an uncanny ability to read Arabella's thoughts and yet still finds it impossible to convince her of his love." (Robin Taylor)

The Ideal Bride -- All About Romance: Desert Island Keeper

"I can't remember when I have had such fun reading a book. The Ideal Bride is light, sweet, funny, and charming as can be. It may be late in the year, but I've found the best Regency romance for 2003... The Ideal Bride is a practically perfect example of a good comedy, and I can recommend it to anyone who needs cheering up." (Ellen D. Micheletti)

Courting Trouble -- All About Romance: Desert Island Keeper

“When THE IDEAL BRIDE came out last year and everyone began raving about it ...I rushed out and bought a copy. I read the book. I enjoyed it. But I didn't love it and I didn't get what all the fuss was about. Why all the raves about Nonnie St. George? After reading COURTING TROUBLE you can call me converted. It made me smile and laugh and sigh. St. George's incredibly fast and sharp dialogue is spoken by a hero and heroine who are as delightful as they are intelligent, and the supporting cast sparkles. Add in hilarious spoofing of some of the romance genre's hoariest clichés and you have a winner... I said the writing was incredible, didn't I? On the surface this could read as simply light and breezy. But there's much more here. As often as the writing made me laugh or smile, it made me think. The play on words and ideas is nice, but what's nicer is the relationship that forms. This is a man and a woman who respect each other even while they're each trying to get the upper hand. Because they're intellectual and emotional equals, neither can truly get that position of power but it was fun watching them try.” (Jane Jorgenson)

The Ideal Bride -- All About Romance: 2003 Reader Poll Winner

AAR 2003 Reader Poll voted THE IDEAL BRIDE as 'Best Regency' and Nonnie St. George an Honorable Mention as 'Best New Author.'

Courting Trouble -- All About Romance: 2004 Reader Poll Winner

AAR 2004 Reader Poll voted COURTING TROUBLE as 'Best Regency.'

The Ideal Bride -- Madcap Award Finalist

RWA's Heart and Scroll Chapter chose THE IDEAL BRIDE as a Finalist for the 2004 Madcap Award for the best Romantic Comedy.

Courting Trouble -- Rakehell

"...the stage is set for two people in love but not admitting it; one chasing, the other running away, then one wanting to be caught and the other not catching, with lots of running gags and laugh-out-loud dialog. One of my favorite running gags was how every character had read, but denies reading, the Minerva Press novel Love’s Heartsick Longing, a romance novel cliché-fest replete with rakes and carriage accidents and amnesia. Oh my. This is St. George’s second Traditional Regency novel, and I enjoyed it much more than her first, which was very good itself. Bad news for Trad fans, though: it is St. George’s last Regency, as she has made the move to Contemporaries. But this book will remain on my Keeper Shelf." (Cheryl Sneed)

The Ideal Bride -- The Romance Reader: 5 Hearts

"Nonnie St. George does everything right in her debut Regency, The Ideal Bride. It’s been way too long since readers were treated to a romance of this style. With its snappy dialogue, fast pacing, and two stubborn characters who knock each other for a loop, it’s Regency elevated to near-farce. How delightful!... If you like witty, breezy romance with lots of sass and sparkle, don’t miss The Ideal Bride. It’s an ideal way to spend an afternoon." (Cathy Sova)

The Ideal Bride -- Romance Reviews Today

"The Ideal Bride is a delightful, thoroughly enjoyable romp through Regency London. Readers will smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud at the antics of Gabriel, Nola, and the cadre of matchmakers determined to see them wed... Excellent characterization and wry humor make this book an Original, as well as a treat to savor on a day when you need a laugh or chuckle. Debut author Nonnie St. George writes with wit and charm, creating an entertaining tale with delightfully different but eminently lovable characters. I highly recommend The Ideal Bride. Regency fans will adore this book -- and eagerly await the author's next offering -- as will all readers who enjoy humorous romances." (Susan Lantz)

The Ideal Bride -- The Romance Reader's Connection: 4+ (Four Plugs and a Star)

"Nonnie St. George is an author with a brilliant career ahead of her... Ms. St. George deftly juggles a large cast of characters in a luminous romp that is as funny as it is sweet. From dry wit to outright slapstick, The Ideal Bride is highly amusing, turning the most ordinary scenes into comic gems, with snappy dialogue that gleams with the glint of well-polished dueling swords. When the immovable male meets his irresistible female, readers will laugh aloud and settle in for a delightful respite from the modern world. The Ideal Bride is a marvel of a debut." (Mellanie Crowther)


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